J.K. Seasonings Is Proud To Present

The secret of Boagle Spice was kept closely
guarded by Grandpa Lew for three generations.  

Grandpa Lew developed this seasoning when he
cooked for Alaskan Fisherman in the 1940's.   
Knowing he had to keep these hardworking
fisherman healthy and hardy to survive the cold
climate and wanting to serve meals the men
looked forward to, Grandpa Lew knew he
needed more than just salt and pepper.  With
limited space in his galley aboard the fishing
vessels Grandpa concocted this seasoning blend
using jiggers as his measuring tool.

For years Grandpa Lew would share his
seasoning with friends and family keeping the
recipe to himself. Finally in the last years of
Grandpa Lew's life he relented and shared his
seasoning concoction with his family and giving
them permission to market his special seasoning

So armed with Grandpa Lew's recipe and her
skills in sales his grandaughter Kathy brought
it to the market and has been selling
boaglespice since 1999.
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